The next step in food discovery: EatGR Magazine Spring 2017

The next step in restaurant discovery: EatGR Magazine!After almost 5 years as a food discovery group on Facebook and a pilot brochure in January 2017 to get us off the ground, our print version EatGR Magazine is now available. In a world of online entertainment, a physical magazine seemed counterintuitive to us. People always have their noses buried in their electronic devices and are always asking where they can find something online. Despite this, restaurant owners and the public alike kept telling us that a physical magazine was desirable, so we created it. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE VERSION

Now that we have a physical magazine, we can really see that people are excited about it. The first thing that they are asking us is “where can I find it?” The second thing that people are asking is “Is it available online?”. “HUH?????” So, in a moment of irony, we realize that people want a print version while simultaneously still wanting an electronic version. No worries, though, we presently have both. This does, however, create a conundrum for those of us putting the magazine together.

Pallet of magazine ready to be delivered

Our advertisers, who are absolutely wonderful, like that we put 10,000 magazines out to the public. That is part of how that they determine how much advertising that they want to do with us. However, we know that we have thousands of people reading it online as well. That part is a little less easy to convey to an advertiser, and the environmentally conscious part of us does not want to print more physical magazines than we need to.

Also, the physical Spring 2017 issue is 16 pages while the electronic version is 17 pages. Page 17 of the electronic version is a coupon page that can be shown to participating local restaurant, and potentially other businesses, to receive a discount until June 12, 2017. This is all new territory for us, and we would certainly appreciate feedback on any of this. This feedback will allow us to determine if online coupons are effective, we can print less physical magazines and keep people happy, and whether people like the format.


Finally, and this is very important to us, we would prefer that we not have to take advertising dollars from regional or national sources, and when possible we want to stick to local restaurant advertisers. This means that it is important for you to support the restaurants that made this magazine possible and we will not be shy about trumpeting that. We look forward to your feedback.

The Spring 2017 issue is made possible by:

Creston Brewery
Emonae Korean BBQ
Flo’s Pizzeria (all 3 entities)
Gus’s Original
Jonny B’z
Lindo Mexico
Maya Mexican Grill
Monarch’s Club
Pit Stop Catering
Rak Thai
Schnitz Ada Grill



  1. I like having the written version to read, but prefer the online coupon page so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting my written copy to get the discounts. I also like that I can use the online coupon at GUS’s over and over and over again!

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