Awesome Sauce

The 6 hot sauces from Creston Brewery

An expertly trained cook/chef will know how to make a well composed meal that needs no additional seasoning. That said, there is always some fool that will want to ruin that meal with sauce. That fool, is ME!

I just LOVE sauce. On a regular basis, I have to fight the urge to over-sauce every meal that I eat. The good news for me is that there are several dishes that are meant to have sauce, or the sauce itself is the primary component of the meal itself.

Salsa flight at Luna

Here are several local places that fill my need for sauce.

Creston Brewing (taco sauces): 6 sauces ranging from mild to melt your face off.  Most people wouldn’t expect to find this kind of sauce excellence at a brewery, but Creston really nails it.

Luna (salsa flight):  How can you beat an appetizer  where sauce is the primary focus of the dish?  This is always a group favorite when I go downtown,  I just need to make sure leave room for the other food that I am about to eat.

Jonny B’z (BBQ sauces):  Every BBQ place has barbecue sauce.  Well, the ones that want my business do!  There are are couple of other BBQ joints with great sauces out there,  but the 4 barbecue sauces at Jonny B’z are probably my local favorites.

BBQ sauces at Jonny B’z

Taco Boy (wet burrito and hot sauce):  This is probably THE local favorite for wet burritos, and both of their sauces are the primary reason for this.  A good wet burrito needs a good wet burrito sauce.   I always make sure to use a spoon when eating here so that none of the sauce gets wasted.  As good as the burrito sauce is, their home made hot sauce is an equally important component for their success.  I cannot get enough of either.

Donkey Taqueria (taco sauces):  The sauce trifecta!  Donkey is a wildly popular restaurant, and I like to think that their 3 hot sauces are part of that equation.  So good.

Sheshco and Le Kabob (“Toum” the garlic sauce):  This is probably the most talked about sauce in town.  The garlic sauce at both of these places seems to drive people to excess as more than one person has said that they wish that they could bathe in it.  It is extremely addictive and hard to get enough of.

Toum (garlic sauce) at Sheshco or Le Kabob.

Patty Matters (olive sauce):  If you are from Grand Rapids, you know that it is all about the olive sauce on your olive burger.  There are scores of restaurants in town doing their own version of this, and most of them are pretty good.  This is the Patty Matters take on this classic West Michigan dish.

One Stop Coney (mustard and ketchup):  In a world where  mustard and ketchup are the primary go-tos for hotdogs, spicing things up with garlic and curry mustards and ketchups just adds a little variety to an otherwise simple dish.

Tacos El Cuñado Downtown (the salad):  I have been told that this dressing has only 5 simple ingredients,  but it is one of the best sauces I have ever had.  I would love to eat it on multiple dishes, but this is the only dish they use it with.  It’s a must have.

“The Salad” at Tacos El Cuñado Downtown Market

Big Willy’s Italian Beef (The jus):  on the surface, the jus used to make a “wet” Italian Beef sandwich would seem simple.  Drippings from the beef itself are used to soak the roll for the sandwich, but not all drippings are created equal.  I have even had some that were made with powder. These guys make it right.

Lindo Mexico (Camerones a la diabla):  This dish is all about the spicy sauce, but it is hard to find a place that makes this dish flaming hot while still maintaining an amazing flavor.  I have never had a better version of this dish, and that includes my time spent in Mexico.

Noble Restaurant (all sauces):  You are seeing more restaurants every day making their food from scratch.  For places like Noble Restaurant this includes almost all of their sauces as well.

The house made sauces at Noble Restaurant

If you are a sauce person, I hope that you will find some of these places to your liking.  We all have different palates, but these are the places that do it for me.



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