What will be your next great local food conquest?

Fried shrimp heads at Jaku Sushi

Grand Rapids used to have a bit of a reputation as a meat and potatoes kind of community where a lot of people were not eager to try dishes beyond their safety net. I still see some comments in the cauliflower crust pizza posts about the fear of even giving it a try. The good news is that we have really grown as a community, and our desire for more “interesting” food has taken bloom.

Brain, eyeball, and stomach tacos at Taqueria Garcia

Although not everybody is ready to eat “balut” (look it up), we do have a lot of people who are looking to branch out and try something different. Here are a list of items on all parts of the food spectrum, and some of the places that you can find them locally.

The Goofy Dog at Mad Dogz

Which will be you next great local  food conquest?


Rooster combs – Rice Wok
Quail egg shooter – Maru Sushi
Octopus appetizer – Osteria Rossa
Eyeball/brain/testicle tacos – Taqueria Garcia
Chickens feet and duck tongues- Wei Wei palace
Crayfish – Fuji Buffet and Grill
Goofy dog (hot dog with peanut butter) – Mad Dogz
Eiffel Tower – Yesterdog
Bone Marrow – Brewery Vivant
Pho with tripe and tendons – Pho Soc Trang
Menudo – Tamales Mary
Ikura (salmon egg sushi) – Soho Sushi (most sushi places)
Liver and onions (Hudsonville Grille)
Gizzards ( Sanitary Fish)
Frogs legs (Fat Mans fish fry) and other places
Super Mario (GR Bagel)
Cauliflower pizza – Amore and Florentine (Grandville)
Fried shrimp heads – Jaku Sushi
Oxtail – Jamaican Daves
Raw oysters – Gilly’s, Carolina Low Country Kitchen
Whole rabbit – Los Comales
Combo shot – Malamiah juice bar
Sweetbreads or Foie Gras – Marco New American Bistro
Scotch egg – Vestal inn and Grand Rapids Brewing Company.
Escargot – The Holiday Bar
Banh mi – Ly’s Sandwiches



To my knowledge, at the time that this blogpost was written the restaurants still had these dishes.

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