This month in burgers (November 2017)

Mertens burger with gruyere at New Hotel Mertens

As many of you know, I want to try every burger in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Although I have lost count, I have had well over 300 burgers.  After a while, you start to forget whose tasted like what, but some are more memorable than others. Here are the six (6) most memorable burger experiences for me this past month.  I will try to let the photos do the talking.

The Mertens burger (Abov) at New Hotel Mertens has only been around for about a month, and is something you would not expect to find in a French restaurant, but there it is.  Cooked perfectly, I was super excited about this burger.

Pineapple bulgogi glazed burger at Citizen.

The pineapple bulgogi glazed burger will be available for the first time tomorrow when Citizen opens their doors to the public.  When I eat this I think of the Hawaiian burger talked about in the movie Pulp Fiction.

Olive Burger at Holland and Fitz Deli

The Holland and Fitz Deli olive burger was probably the most gourmet of all the burgers that I had this month. Oozing with wholesome goodness.

Double cheeseburger at Ravenna Pub

The Ravenna Pub burger was the least gourmet burger that I had this month.  A messy bunch of greasy awesomeness.

Burger with bar cheese at VanderMill Spring Lake

My son was completely sold on this burger.  He goes nuts for bar cheese, and the VanderMill burger (Kitchen run by Standard Pizza Co.) had no shortage of that.

Cheeseburger at Peppinos

Peppino’s was my dark horse pick for the month.   I don’t typically order burgers at pizza places, but I’m quickly learning that I should change this practice.  I don’t know if all the Peppino’s Restaurants use the same meat, or not, but this burger came from the Allendale location and they get their meat from Byron Center Meats.  I think that stuff is important to know.

Hopefully these photos will get you thinking about how much you need some burgers in your life.


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