Unforgettable Pizza

Briazzo Pizza at Big Bob’s

Your might remember that last year I ate every pizza in Greater Grand Rapids. Over time, and without notes, I don’t remember everything about each pizza that I ate, but I always remember the unique ones.

Here are the places/pizzas that have a stand out feature that makes them unforgettable.

The Briazzo Pizza from Big Bob’s Pizza. (Above) This is a really cool, double baked, stuffed crust pizza. I would not order anything less than the large because the crust is proportionately larger on a small pizza and you want to make sure that you have some pie in the center as well.

Deluxe Pizza at Roberto’s Pizza

If you like lots of toppings, Roberto’s Pizza on Burton is king. They really heap on a lot of each ingredient….so much so that even a two topping pizza is bigger than many place’s 4-5 topping pizza pie.  (Deluxe pizza pictured)


Detroit Style Pizza at Good Pizza Company

Good Pizza Company was the only local place that I found specializing in Detroit style pizzas. I am sure that somebody else must have this option, but it seemed to be a priority at Good Pizza.

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30 inch pizza at DiPiazza’s Pizza

There are people who will tell you that size matters. For those people, the 30 inch pizza at DiPiazza’s Pizza is the largest in the area. This pizza will feed a small army, or 2 very hungry people who think that they can win the DiPiazza pizza eating challenge.

Thin crust pizza at Ted’s Pizza Parlor

Some people are obsessed with thin crust pizza. Ted’s Pizza Parlor in Coopersville has this covered.  There might be 3-5 other places that offer thin crust as their primary pizza option, but I felt like this was the thinnest.

4 meat stuffed pizza at Grand Rapids Pizza & Delivery

Although we have 2 places in town that do true Chicago Deep Dish/stuffed pizza, Grand Rapids Pizza & Delivery offers a 4 meat stuffed pizza that I am really enamored of. When I lived closer, this was my go to pizza.

Giuseppe’s Pizza

Last, but not least, Giuseppe’s Pizza. Some people like crust or cheese, but I am a sauce guy. Most places put a relatively small amount of sauce on their pizzas, but the standard Giuseppe’s Pizza has more sauce than any other place in town. To be clear, it is not overwhelming, it is just the perfect amount of sauce if that is your preferred ingredient. Although it is true that you can ask a place to put on more sauce, why bother when I can go to a place that already hits the sauce “sweet spot”?

OK, that’s it for my all encompassing pizza observations. If you put all 130 plus pizzas that I tried on one table, I would be able to identify these 7 every time. Give them a try and see what you think.


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