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Breakfast Croissant at Passerella 

If you have lived in Grand Rapids your whole life, there is probably a little bit of bargain shopper in your blood. Some people call you “cheap”, but you think of yourself as “frugal”. Here are super affordable finds at some of our local restaurants that will make your wallet smile.

The breakfast sandwich at Passerella.  This sandwich changes daily, but at $3 a pop I now go here every Monday when I drop my kid off for college.

Cherry Delight at Paris Cafe

Anything at Paris Cafe.  I have always wondered how they can afford to keep open selling dessert so cheaply, but most of their items average only $2.

Taco Dog at Taco Boy

Most people go to Taco Boy for their wet burritos, but if I am in a financial pinch and want a ton of food cheap, I get the taco dog for $2.34 and know that I just had a meal.

Sushi at Wok and Mortar

Wok and Mortar is the new kid on the block, and maybe they will figure out that selling 6 pieces of sushi for $7.50 is too good a deal.  As of yet, they have not figured it out.

Move with Clarity, your local real estate resource.
Pho at Pho Anh Trang

if you like an Asian flair in your food, but sushi doesn’t cut it for you, you can always get a heaping bowl of pho at Pho Anh Trang for $5.00

Baked Potato at Burnzies Kitchen

The baked potato at Burnzies Kitchen is huge (because I think it is actually 2 potatoes), and for $7 left me with a ton of food for later in the day.

Chicken Tenders at Woody’s Press Box

Finally, 8 huge chicken tenders at Woody’s Press Box for only $9.99.  Two of my kids always beg for these, so I get one order and they are both covered.  Problem solved!

On the off chance that you just woke up this Sunday morning and are couch diving for some food money, I hope that this blogpost finds you well.


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