Have you been…..GR Bagel Edition

GR Bagel started out selling bagels at the local farmers market and a few coffee shops. Eventually, they opened a takeout storefront in Eastown. They slowly added menu items including lox (They are still one of only two places in town to offer lox 7 days a week). Now, they have expanded to a dine in location next door to the old takeout storefront that will feature even more food and beverage options.

Open face lox bagel at GR Bagel

Starting from humble beginnings, the success of GR Bagel was not always a guarantee. They ware offering a niche product in Grand Rapids, a true New York style bagel “What makes this a New York Style Bagel?”, you may ask. The answer is that the bagels are boiled and not baked, and GR Bagel is the only place in Grand Rapids that makes them this way.

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It took a little while for people to catch on, but Grand Rapids has warmed up to this east coast bagel option and business at GR Bagel is going swimmingly.

Metolius Teas

GR Bagel is still trying to create an awareness of the new dine in upgrade to the restaurant, so feel free to drop by and take a look at their new digs at 423 SE in Eastown and discover the difference that boiling makes.

Cold brewed coffee and a turkey bagel.

Now you can have you bagel in one place, and eat it there too!






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