By popular demand: 5 restaurants that you requested to see more of.

Gougere from New Hotel Mertens

A few days ago, I asked the kind people of EatGR to tell me what restaurants they would like to see more pictures from. The response was strong, and not what I expected. Based on your responses, these are the 5 restaurants you wanted to see more of:

New Hotel Mertens: Our newest downtown restaurant featuring French fare, NHM has been serving lunch and dinner for the past few months and has just started doing Sunday brunch. This Gougere is one of their new brunch offerings.  They anticipate offering breakfast starting February 19.

Dishes from Curry Leaf lunch buffet.

Curry Leaf: This Indian Restaurant has been open for about a year, and they are one of the only Indian restaurants in town that offer southern Indian cuisine.  The food featured here is from their $10 weekly lunch buffet that they run Tuesday-Friday.  The buffet changes with great frequency, and they offer a larger weekend buffet at a slight upcharge.

Cabbage rolls at Al Bos

Al Bos: It feels like Al Bos has been around forever, but that has a lot to do with their location hidden just one block off of 28th St. just off Schaefer.   Despite being tucked away in a place that most people are unaware of, they have thrived by serving a consistently good variety of Bosnian dishes with some German influences.  A beer and wine license was recently acquired by the restaurant as well.

Kentucky Hot Brown at One Bourbon

One Bourbon: just like the name suggests, they are a whole lot about Bourbon. As far as food, they are strong with comfort food from Kentucky and further south.  Shrimp and grits, gumbo, collard greens, and chicken and waffles are some other menu favorites.

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Vegan nachos at Righteous Cuisine

Righteous Cuisine at the lakes: This is the 3rd restaurant by Matt Varley and it features what could probably best be described as Mexican soul food.  Tacos, nachos, churros and other Mexican favorites with a bit of a fusion twist.

Snow Cone at Simple Fish

Simple Fish: The name is probably a little less accurate than it sounds.  Simple Fish puts together some solid sushi dishes and poke bowls, but they also have sushi burritos, bulgogi, soup, and other items that you would expect to find at a typical sushi place in the states.

There you have it, a shout out to the 5 (mostly new) local restaurants in the area that you requested.  Now that you have seen some of what they offer, I hope that you will get out there and give them a try.


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