Super Bowl Sunday 2018

Bibimbap at Emonae

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and you have tough decisions: The Patriots or Eagles….but maybe those aren’t enough choices for you. You want other bowl options. Great News, we have other bowl options for you!

Poke bowls from Wiki Wiki Poke Shop

A poke bowl from Wiki Wiki Poke Shop. There is nothing more refreshing than a big bowl of poke, and this hip hop themed poke shop has what you need.

Soup from Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop

Just across the street from Wiki Wiki is Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop. It’s a cold day for a Super Bowl, but a great day for a hot bowl of soup.

Move with Clarity, your local real estate resource.

So, neither of those bowls are tough enough for you. You want your food served in a stone bowl. Emonae Korean BBQ in Cascade is ready to serve you some bibimbap in a hot stone bowl (dolsot bibimbap pictured above).

Clam chowder from Big Boiler Brewing

Maybe you are going to a bar or brewery to watch the big game. If you end up at Big Boiler Brewing, you might pick up a bowl of New England Clam Chowder, thus letting your eating companions know your true Super Bowl feelings.  Rumor has it that they will have Philly Cheesesteaks as well, but not in a bowl.

Spicy Ramen from Sapporo Ramen and Noodle Bar

So, it turns out that you aren’t a Super Bowl fan at all and even Justin Timberlake isn’t a strong enough reason for you to turn on the game. Sapporo Ramen and Noodle Bar is open until 9pm today (per their website). They don’t play a ton of football in Japan, but they are all about Ramen.

So, there you have it.   As you plan out your Sunday today, we want you to know that there are lots of Super Bowls out there for you, so you don’t have to settle.

Get out there, “bring sexy back”, HAPPY EATING, and “GO LIONS!!!”

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