Avant-garde restaurant to open in Grand Rapids (April 1, 2018)

Restaurateur Carl Jansen has always been on the cutting edge of avant-garde cuisine. Over the last three years, his highly acclaimed Brazilian Steakhouse/Korean Barbecue concept has set the culinary world on fire, but now he is looking at Grand Rapids for a “new to the area” concept.

Kimchi Hookworms

Gusanos, an insect based restaurant, will be opening at 654 Michigan N.E. In the old Selam Ethiopian Restaurant location in late May 2018. This concept restaurant only has capacity for 16 diners at a time and reservations are mandatory.

Shrimp and Black Ants

Jansen is excited about this new project, and convinced of its success. “Because of our limited space, we will be focusing our efforts on producing a high end tasting menu with 8-10 courses with two seatings per evening 5 nights a week,” says Jansen.” A typical diner can expect to pay roughly $200 for this unique dining experience.

Japanese Hornet and Caviar

This restaurant won’t be for everybody, but it should add a lot of diversity to our already burgeoning restaurant scene.

Sushi and Insects

We are super excited about the prospect of something that is both new and interesting, while simultaneously diverse. We look forward to the future success of Gusanos, and I personally plan to have a rezzie for opening night.




All photo credits belong to the Brooklyn Bugs Instagram page

Is it really April 1st today? 😉

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