Big Food!

So, you haven’t eaten anything all day, and want to strap on the food bag. You want food, AND LOTS of it. You could just order everything on the menu or hit a buffet, but what fun is that. You’re friends need to understand just how serious your hunger is, and that you are going to go the extra yard. You want “BIG FOOD!”

Big food is that oversized menu item that some restaurants have as a novelty.   Sometimes it is an outrageously large item that is meant for seriously hungry people, sometimes it is billed as a shareable item for a group, and sometimes the restaurant uses it as a food challenge item. Regardless of the reason you order it, it is always a conversation piece.

Here are a few restaurants that offer that novelty menu item. The next time you go to one of these places, consider ordering it.  Truly, a dinner and a show!

The Monstrosity Burger at Cedar Springs Brewing Company consists of a Lumbertown Burger, Sloppy Shaun, Pub Pulled Pork, Wager Smoked Brisket, bacon, American cheese, smoked cheddar, Gouda cheese, Memphis Classic sauce, fried egg, crispy onions, and tomato on a classic burger bun. With a 1/2 lb. of sloppy fries and four chicken wings. (feeds 2-4 people ) $33

30 inch pizza at DiPiazza’s Pizza

The 30 inch pizza at DiPiazza‘s Pizza.   You could probably feed 10 people with this for about $50, or 2 really hungry ones can take on their pizza eating contest.

Cinnamon roll at Sundance Grill

The giant cinnamon rolls at Sundance Grill are a local favorite. $5

7 pound burrito at El Mariachi (photo: Patti Lovell Feeback)

Although the 7 lb burrito at El Marichi Mexican Grill in Ionia is a regular menu item, there is also a challenge option. $30

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The brunch of champions at Rockwell/Republic

The brunch bloody Marys at Rockwell/Republic are always a lot of fun and a lot of food. $29

The Tommy Burger at Jonny B’z

You can add as many patties as you want to the Tommy Burger at Jonny B’z (price varies).

Flapjacks at Peppermill Grill

The big as your head flapjacks at Peppermill Grill. $2.25 per flapjack.


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