Eat Your Veggies (9 great vegetarian dishes).

Veggie sampler at Gojo Ethiopian

Back in the old days, a mere 30 years ago, there was always the one friend in your life who was a vegetarian. Every time you went out as a group, you had to find the one restaurant that had a good salad. It was irritating because finding them food was a chore.

Fast forward to today. 50% or more of your dining party wants more veggie friendly dishes, and the expectation for a vegetarian meal is much greater than a side salad. The good news is that the options today are better than ever before.

Here are 9 vegetarian dishes that I would rather have than meat on any given day.

The veggie sampler is a staple in every Ethiopian restaurant that I have been to.  Gojo Ethiopian is no different.  Awesomeness on injera bread.

Beet Caprese at Speak EZ Lounge

The Beet Caprese Salad at Speak EZ Lounge is a unique twist on an Italian favorite.  Chef Scotty totally outdid himself on this one!

Vegetarian Fajitas at Jose Babushkas

Although I have been told that it is not specifically on the menu anymore, the owner of Jose Babushkas has assured my that patrons can still request the Veggie Fajitas.  This dish is so good that I could eat it daily.

Shishito peppers at Zoko 822

I have a recently discovered an affinity for shishito peppers.  I have had them at a few places now, but the ones at Zoko 822 are the ones that stick in my mind.

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Vegan burger with BBQ jackfruit at Jonny B’z

Jonny B’z has a whole host of excellent vegetarian items including their Vegan Burger with BBQ jackfruit.  They are one of the few local restaurants with a good jackfruit presence.

Asparagus and Mushrooms Diane at Graydon’s Crossing

The Asparagus and Mushrooms Diane at Graydon’s Crossing is probably the best vegetarian dish that I have had in town.  At first glance, it is nothing that I would typically order, but I was completely surprised at how good it was.

Potato Lasagna at Chez Olga

If spice is what you are looking for, the Potato Lasagna from Chez Olga is what you need.  Sure, you can order it at spice level “1”, but what fun is that.  Regardless the spice level, it is a solid dish.

Black bean avocado cakes at Georgina’s

Georgina’s is the newcomer to Grand Rapids, but their Black Bean Avocado Cakes have caught on like wildfire.  This is a very popular appetizer at the new restaurant, and everybody seems to love this dish.

Cauliflower and almond hummus at Bab El Salam in Portage

Last but not least, the cauliflower almond hummus at Bab El Salam in Portage.  I include this last on the list because it is at the very southern end of our coverage area and I don’t know how many people will make the trek to try it.  I will tell you that I did and have no regrets!

There you have it, 9 vegetarian meals that I could easily eat in place of meat.  I do feel like we are moving more and more to a vegetable forward diet and I am excited that the prospect of that means a lot more than just salad.



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