Gordon Food Service: It’s not what you think.

The B.E.A.S.T.  At Speak EZ Lounge (food by GFS)

In a world where it is stylish to want your food “ Farm to Table”, I can’t tell you how many times that I have heard people say “ I don’t want to eat at a place that uses Gordon Food Service food.”

What does that even mean?!?!?  I see GFS trucks delivering food to some of the best restaurants in town all the time, including those which claim that they are farm to table.

Turkey and Salmon platter for lent at Pitstop Catering (GFS food)

Well, I actually cornered a couple of people who said that to me and asked them exactly “what do you mean by that?” Each offered suggestions  like  “ I don’t want vegetables that somebody just opened from a can and heated up, or “I don’t want breaded chicken strips that somebody just opens from a bag, dumps into a fryer, and serves me”. Although this could potentially happen, this has more to do with the restaurant itself than GFS.  A restaurant can order food like that, or they can order fresh vegetables and fresh chicken that can be hand battered by the restaurant.  GFS offers both options.

A local restaurateur put it to me this way:  GFS is a food distributor.  THEY PROVIDE FOOD!  He went on to point out that you can buy the cheapest bagged or canned food available at GFS, or any other food distributor, but that that is not the type of restaurant that he runs.  GFS offers plenty of fresh, high-end and locally produced food products as well.  It is up to each individual restaurant as to which end of the food spectrum that they purchase from.

The Everton at Speak EZ Lounge (GFS food)

One of my favorite restaurants, SPEAK EZ LOUNGE, is an unabashed fan of GFS.  In talking to their owner, Eric Albertson, he tells me that he has no problem finding the high quality products that he needs to produce one of the best menus in town.  Almost all of his food comes from GFS.

Just like the other restaurateur I previously referenced, Albertson affirmed his satisfaction with the quality of GFS,  and that it is the individual restaurant that decides which food they purchase from Gordon.  He, obviously, orders from the higher end of their options, and it shows in his high quality entrées.

Artichoke and spinach stuffed chicken breast from Jayda Gale Distillery (GFS food)

I suppose that it is easy to see how people could make a blanket statement about GFS if they have only eaten at places who purchase the cheapest available product from them.  I get that, but that just means you are eating at the wrong restaurants.

GFS has some awesome food products, and it isn’t hard to find a restaurant that is serving them.  I would tell you to gravitate more towards restaurants that take advantage of those high end, high quality products, but if you eat out with any regularity, you are already eating GFS products…and liking it!






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