Food Trucks 2019 by Joyce Slaughter

The first time I noticed food trucks, REALLY noticed food trucks, it was because of the name on the side of the truck … “What the Truck.” Well, the name caught my eye, but the brightly colored gapping maw held it and drew me closer.  

I had a chuckle and wandered over to take a look at what was going on in there. The bright colors and delicious aromas drawing me in. I don’t remember what I was expecting, but I know it wasn’t tacos … And calling this food “tacos” is like calling the Great Wall of China a fence. But What the Truck calls them tacos, so I’ll go with it…

That was more than a few years ago. When there were so few trucks in town that they were a novelty (unless you’re counting carnival food, which I am not). 

Sunrise Burger from Patty Matters

By 2016, there were enough for trucks in the greater Grand Rapids area for the formation of the non-profit group “Grand Rapids Food Truck Association.” GRFTA currently actively promotes 26 trucks and a growing list of events throughout the summer. Find out more at their website: and keep up with events on their Facebook:

By summer of 2018, I was fully addicted to food trucks. Most weekends, you could find my husband and I running off to one event or another. It was the trucks drawing us to the events more than the events themselves, though we do know how to throw a party here in the greater Grand Rapids area. We even began researching what it would take to open and run our own food truck. An idea we haven’t fully abandoned. 

Mini doughnuts by Dough Runts

As much as I would love to list every truck I’ve tried and what I loved about them … I have to keep this brief. So here are my favorite trucks from the 2018 season, in no particular order: 

Everyday Chef and Wife – I can’t decide what was prettier: the food or the truck. The food was fresh, unique and tasty. The truck is beautiful. 

Patty Matters – Voted the 2019 Food Truck “Burger of the Year” by Mobile Cuisine. The crab cake burgers were my favorite last year. 

The Getting Fresh food truck and event caterers – not only do they have a food truck, but they also have an event space with a rotating list of guest chefs whipping up dining experiences for their Supper Club. 

Blue Spoon Cafe. If you see this truck, pay it a visit. This truck is run by Goodwill industries and helping give skills to people. Get the “Motherload” … it feeds a small village. 

Silver Star Cafe – Veteran owned and operated was my hubby’s favorite.Pork Fat Slims.  Three words: Woven. Bacon. Football. 

First event of 2019 at Zoko 822 on April 20 from Noon-8pm

If you are concerned about food allergies or are on a specialized diet, don’t avoid the food trucks thinking there is nothing for you. At most of the events, there are options for most of the major concerns. Many of the food trucks I spoke with last summer were happy to adjust to accommodate when they could. I kept my requests respectful, waited until the lines were minimal, and the staff had time to answer my questions. Usually this just means getting there early or contacting the truck in advance of the event. I was able to accommodate all of our family’s issues at every event. 

Where to find your favorite food trucks? Most of the Grand Rapids trucks have their own Facebook page. And if you are looking for events, the two organizations listed above actively promote events all season.

If you see someone face down in a Motherload or scarfing down a Woven Bacon Football, that is likely to be me.  Come on over and let me know which truck was your fave. 

-Joyce Slaughter in a guest blogger and member in good standing in the EatGR Facebook Group.

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