Happy 7th Birthday!

Well, this is it.  EatGR’s 7th Birthday and we are still going strong.  So much has changed since the group started 7 years ago with only 200 members.

Today we have:

27,000 Facebook group members

9000 Facebook Page members

Over 1000 Twitter followers

A magazine 

11,300 Instagram followers (Which is a little different that the Facebook group and covers some out of area posts and sponsored ads)***

Photo shoot at Maya Mexican Grill

Contrary to what anybody might think, this doesn’t just happen.  It takes a ton of work and effort.  So much so, that as of the late last year I had to make the difficult determination that this was my second job and not so much a hobby. (With everything good and bad that comes with that).

My hope is that we will continue to grow and expand as we show the world that you can have a positive environment to discover local restaurants in.  

This birthday is happening because of all of our moderators, past and present, a whole ton of group members who “get it”.  THANK YOU to the many of our local restaurants who have provided financial support to the group.  THANK YOU to any and all restaurants who have ever invited me to a soft opening, lunch, wine dinner, beer dinner, or menu preview. THANK YOU to individual group members who have taken me out to lunch or dinner to chat and listen to my crazy. THANK YOU to anybody who has ever said a kind word about me that I was not around to hear or defended me when my detractors said “Nay”.

Sushi Cake from COOKIE CHICKS

Everybody in this group shares in its success, and hopefully we can continue to expose you to restaurants that are new to you and give you some ideas that you might otherwise not have had.

In dog years, this group is 49 years old, so I am probably going to take it to the bar later.

HAPPY EATING and THANK YOU for everything!



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