Molecular Gastronomy coming to Grand Rapids

With the opening of the Basque restaurant ZOKO 822, Grand Rapids officially has one restaurant of every type of world cuisine.  Like literally, all 325 nations. From the Taco Bell chalupa to the Wakandan rhino wrap, purveyors of world foods have no problems finding people to give their cuisine a try.  

Carl Jansen, whose Korean fusion/Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant Fogo De Kimchi is an underground mainstay for adventure seeking millennials, is trying to expand into a new niche that challenges the palates of even the most advanced diners.

Watermelon Tartare

“Molecular Gastronomy,” beams Jansen!

For those of you with the long memory, you will remember that we had a molecular gastronomy restaurant in town named “Bloom”, but they were a little ahead of their time and it just didn’t catch on.   Jansen’s concept, called “Blossom”, is an homage to Grand Rapids’ first king of molecular gastronomy. He believes that Grand Rapids is finally ready for this.

Clear Ravioli

Stained glass pasta, strawberry caviar, clear ravioli, gummi sushi, and much more.  “Grand Rapids is up for some new food challenges,” says Jansen.  I’m just happy to be the one to lead the charge when the niche hits my fans!

Gummi Sushi

The grand opening for Blossom is planned for mid July downtown in the The B.O.B. in that big, top floor restaurant space that nobody knows about. Asked how they were able to get the Gilmore group to let them use the space, Jansen replied “It’s not like they ever use that space. They probably won’t even know that we are there.”

APRIL 1, 2019.

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