In memoriam 2019

Prime Rib at Tillman’s 

Wow, what a crazy year this has been for restaurants.

Every year we compile a list of restaurants that closed in the past 12 months. Closings, sure! Also, several rebrands, investor takeovers, same business/new owner, the same Restaurants closing and reopening, switches to catering only, pop ups in existing restaurants, Restaurants that look like they were going to close but had not committed for several months, Restaurants that disappeared after a week….just too much to talk about.  A regular WALL STREET In the local restaurant world.

This is why we are strictly going to list the restaurants that have closed in the last 12 months to the best of our knowledge.

Black Bull BBQ

Blue Moose

County Seat

Derby Station


El Haragan


Gus Original

Hideout Brewing

Jayda Gayle Distillery

Jack’s Waterfront Bistro


Kamchi Noodles

Kelvin and co (GR ONLY)

Lake’s Edge

Lucky Luciano’s

Maine Dish

Pi cafe

Red Hot Inn

Russo’s International Foods (Downtown)


Sloth’s Revenge

South Town Soul Food

Swanky’s Pizza

Taqueria Garcia

Taqueria Rincon (28th street)


Twisted Rooster

If we missed one, or got it wrong, let us know.

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