Advertising Rates

These rates are accurate as of October 28, 2017 and subject to change.  Advertisers are responsible for providing their own copy unless an arrangement is made to the contrary in advance of the work being performed.  At present, we are allowing advertising for local and regional restaurants that is consistent with our ideals of food discovery in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

EatGR Magazine Rate Sheet:

Magazine/Website combo:

Add $200 to price of print ad (limited availabilty)

Website/Facebook Combo:

$300 for all Stories including:

-New menu announcements
-Rafflecopter giveaway
-Chef feature
-Announcement of a new restaurant

Monthly side banner ad:

Facebook group Banner:
$200 for an EatGR Giveaway

Facebook Surveys:
$250 per survey (2 days)

*Additional other options available:

-Beer Dinners, Now Hiring, etc. (Just ask)

If there is ANY confusion from somebody looking to potentially advertise, please contact me directly.  If you have an idea for advertising that is not listed here, feel free to propose that option and I will provide you with a quote.

Chris Freeman, EatGR

Ph: 616.432.8100 Email:


Examples of advertising that we are looking for in EatGR Magazine.