FAQ & Facebook Rules

MISSION:  The mission of the EatGR Facebook Group is to discover/celebrate local restaurants in Greater Grand Rapids, as opposed to national chains. A LOCAL restaurant is one that is born/headquartered in the EatGR coverage area (60 minute radius of Grand Rapids).


  1. Posts of photos of your food you enjoyed at local restaurants.
  2. Questions asking for recommendations to find a restaurant or specific dish. (Questions must contain enough details or the post might not be approved.)

**Posts of photos from regional restaurants (those born/headquartered in Michigan outside the EatGR area) may be allowed at the administrators discretion


  1. Negative comments about ANYTHING. We are, in fact, a “sunshine and rainbows” group.
  2. Posts about your restaurant experience that do not contain a photo you took of your food.
  3. Comments that ask for a review of a restaurant or it’s food. For instance, “how did you like it?” or “was it good?”
  4. Self promotions or advertisement by restaurant employees/family members. Restaurants may respond to posts that are germane to their business (ie Who has the best Eggs Benedict… “we do!”).  If you want to promote your restaurant EatGR DOES OFFER PAID ADVERTISING.  Chris@eatgr for details.  Any attempts to self promote or circumvent this will be deleted.
  5. Posts with announcements or promotional links from restaurants or other food businesses’ web or Facebook pages (link baiting). We may allow it only as a response to a member question.
  6. We remove Profanity, GIFs, memes and Zombie posts (exceptions may apply).
  7. Argumentative or disparaging comments towards the admins/moderators.

Blocking an Admin or Moderator is not allowed an may result in removal from the Group.


Since we cannot predict every posting scenario, exceptions to ANY of these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the group moderators if they deem the post to be a benefit to the group as a whole. We will do our best to be fair, but we are human and imperfect so please be patient with us. 


Restaurants looking to advertise on our Facebook group, website or in our EatGR Magazine should contact Chris@EatGR.com for details.