Eric at Speak EZ Lounge:

I’ve watched the group grow from 300 members to over 25,000. I find being a part of EatGR to be a vital marketing tool as it only promotes local operators and does not allow for negative commentary. In the day and age of Yelp or other social media platforms having only positive commentary is a blessing.

Laurel at The Hive Restaurant Productivity:

Chris Freeman’s influence on the Grand Rapids area food scene is undeniable. With a readership of over 25,000 people through various media platforms, EatGR is an expedient and effective tool for local restaurants to interface with prospective customers, hungry for information and excited about food discovery.

Korina at The Salted Cupcake:   

I had a very small budget and (rookie move) a nearly non-existent marketing budget.  I sent a friendly message to Chris letting him know about my opening and that I would love the support of his group members.  He advised me to be careful what I wish for, and sure enough the first day my doors opened, my shop was brimming with customers, one after the next telling me that they had heard about me through EatGR and couldn’t wait to try my product.

Gabriela R., Maggie’s Kitchen

As a local food influencer, Chris Freeman has made a big impact on not only our family’s restaurant, but to many local eateries. I love hearing customers say they found us through EatGR. I myself have found many new restaurants by being part of this wonderful and informative group.

Lis B., Group Member:

Literally how I decide what to eat when I go out! A well maintained community with strong support.

Darcy T., Group Member:

I have found so many amazing local esyablishments that we NEVER would havefound if it weren’t for eatGR!! I am grateful for Chris Freeman for starting this group so that we can all benefit from local discovery!

Lisa and Paul P., Group members:

Has been a great resource for getting out local. Some places we would have never found or tried without it. Has been a positive resource in our lives.